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Multiple Themes

Different themes can be used in different scenarios. No need to worry about bright pages that may hurt your eyes at night. Also, the extension supports custom CSS and JS.

Classic Darklight Theme

Bright Daylight Theme

Dark Turquoise Theme

More themes coming soon

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Homepage Calendar

Automatically bring together all course upcoming events and add them to the homepage to avoid missing any important dates.

The position of calendar is customizable. You may pin the calendar to the bottom of homepage, or switch it with announcement widget and put it to the right of the page.

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Custom Cover Picture

Customize the cover picture of each course as you like, so that the course entry on the homepage is no longer indistinguishable.

This feature supports both image URL and image upload.

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Detailed Options

Detailed extension options allow you to turn any function on or off as you wish. When used with other extensions, you can turn off any conflicting features at any time.

Also, you can enable / disable the extension in popup conveniently instead of go to browser settings and look for the extension.


Back-to-top button

Auto fixed navigation bar

Auto hide empty system alert

Hide system check widget

Course / quiz / survey content frame adjust buttons

One-click show all group members

Auto redirect to course content page