Learn Darklight


The new Waterloo Learn removed the calendar widget from homepage.

Darklight offers an option to add back the calendar and help you keep track of any events going on.

Learn Darklight

Night Mode

Night Mode now available! Daylight no longer hurts your eyesight at night!

Just go to extension options page and select "Dark Turquoise Theme".

Learn Darklight


Learn Darklight offers multiple themes for Waterloo Learn. Each theme applies to different scenarios.

Classic Darklight Theme

Bright Daylight Theme

Dark Turquoise Theme

More themes coming soon

Learn Darklight


Learn Darklight has its own extension options page.

You can enable / disable each function here.

More features are coming.


"Back to top" button

Auto fixed navigation bar

Auto hide empty system alert

Hide system check widget

Course / quiz / survey content frame adjust buttons

One-click show all group members

Custom CSS and JS